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i am grateful


i would say that by nature i am a pretty pessimistic person. i don’t believe this says anything about my character, just that my life circumstances and experiences have shown me that the world can often be a hard place. this doesn’t mean that i don’t try to see the positive, i believe that because i struggle with optimism i need to work extra hard to illuminate these things in my life. (just like i believe optimists need to work hard to see other people’s struggles and sorrows even if they have not personally experienced this.)

i was thinking about this last night after i made several pessimistic comments about valkyrie which mr. mraynes immediately counteracted with positive ones. it wasn’t that i was being unloving towards my daughter i just momentarily let my concerns for her future overshadow the wonderful little girl she is.

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like i said yesterday, i graduated from my domestic violence graduate program last week. it was two years of emotionally and intellectually hard work but it was wonderful. i will miss the bi-annual intensives and spending time with colleagues who are just as passionate about ending violence against women as i am. Read the rest of this entry »

i can do fluff…or adventures in pinterest

last week was intense–i started it off with the NACDV conference, my parents were here and i finished up my domestic violence graduate program–i really could use a break but my thesis isn’t going to write itself.

regardless, i thought it might be fun to write something a little less serious today. i, like many modern women, love pinterest. for those who don’t know, pinterest is like an online bulletin board–you “pin” pretty pictures, recipes, diy ideas, housecleaning tips, etc. to your board so that you can find them when you need them. you can follow my pinterest board here.

every once in a while i will actually attempt one of my pins and usually these attempts are in the form of food. because i like to know how other people’s pins turn out i thought that i would also document my pinterest attempts.

first up, no bake cookies and cream bars:

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the bridegroom

last week i excerpted some of the Fresh Air interview with Sister Pat Farrell, president of the LCWR. because i try to be fair to all sides i thought it would be a good idea to also excerpt some of the interview Terry Gross did with Bishop Leonard Blair who conducted the doctrinal assessment and then censured LCWR.

i have to be honest about my bias, i love nuns and i always chafe at men claiming the privilege to tell women what to do just because they’re men.  i strongly disagree with Bishop Blair but i thought it would still be interesting to show what he thinks in juxtaposition to the words of Sister Farrell. Read the rest of this entry »

graduate intensive

it’s been a crazy week. i had the NACDV conference for the first half of the week and for the next two days i am finishing up my last graduate intensive for my domestic violence program. it is bittersweet to be finishing this program. these intensives are structured over a week where you spend 12 hours a day talking about issues surrounding domestic violence. they call these seminars “intensives” for a reason. nevertheless, i have learned so much from them and have made many lifelong friends. Read the rest of this entry »

presenting at the NACDV conference


it already seems like my presentation was ages ago. as soon as i finished the conference yesterday i came straight home to prepare for my parents and little sister coming into town. they got in around 11:30 and this morning has been a whirlwind of excitement with the kids absolutely thrilled to be with their grandparents and aunt.

but i do want to give a brief account of my presentation just so that i can remember in the future what it felt like to speak at a national conference.

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live-blogging the NCADV conference–Tuesday, July 24th


day two. i’m looking forward to today, i’ll be attending lectures on women’s use of violence, how to determine primary aggressors, the benefit of dv courts. And, of course, i’m presenting myself. i have to admit to being pretty nervous, i did not sleep well. but i do have my lucky dv pin on, pictured above, and luckily i have two co-presenters that are fantastic. so i’m nervous but i’m also excited.

first session–women’s and girl’s use of violence

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live-blogging the NACDV conference–Monday, July 23rd


i’m at the national coalition against domestic violence conference today and tomorrow. I thought it might be fun to try my hand at live-blogging. so here we go.

first session is a lecture on femicide by famous radical feminist activist, theoretician and self-proclaimed destroyer of the patriarchy, Dr. Diane Russell:

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happy saturday

i’m over at the exponent blog today. come check it out.

thesis thought #11


one benefit of thesis writing: i hydrate all day long. indeed, in the last 3 hours i have drunk 64 ounces of water.

one negative of thesis writing: the nearest bathroom is one building over.