graduate intensive

by mraynes

it’s been a crazy week. i had the NACDV conference for the first half of the week and for the next two days i am finishing up my last graduate intensive for my domestic violence program. it is bittersweet to be finishing this program. these intensives are structured over a week where you spend 12 hours a day talking about issues surrounding domestic violence. they call these seminars “intensives” for a reason. nevertheless, i have learned so much from them and have made many lifelong friends.

i reached out for this program at a time when life was very dark. i had been in a deep depression and I applied in the hope that it would help me escape. on top of that, i had an unexpected baby during my first year. in fact, lionheart was 5 days old when i came to my second intensive. i have sat in the bathroom of the hilton garden inn where the intensive is held and pumped during four of the five intensives i’ve attended.

i am so grateful for all this program has given me and i hope that as i finish and move back into the workforce that i can take what i’ve learned and make the world a better place.