i can do fluff…or adventures in pinterest

by mraynes

last week was intense–i started it off with the NACDV conference, my parents were here and i finished up my domestic violence graduate program–i really could use a break but my thesis isn’t going to write itself.

regardless, i thought it might be fun to write something a little less serious today. i, like many modern women, love pinterest. for those who don’t know, pinterest is like an online bulletin board–you “pin” pretty pictures, recipes, diy ideas, housecleaning tips, etc. to your board so that you can find them when you need them. you can follow my pinterest board here.

every once in a while i will actually attempt one of my pins and usually these attempts are in the form of food. because i like to know how other people’s pins turn out i thought that i would also document my pinterest attempts.

first up, no bake cookies and cream bars:

i offered to take dinner to a woman in our ward who just had a baby. this was complicated by the fact that our house does not have air conditioning and so turning on the oven really isn’t an option. i saw this no bake desert option and thought it was worth a try–oreos, butter and marshmellows, how could you go wrong?


this is a really easy recipe, it’s just like making rice crispy treats. you melt the butter and marshmallows in the microwave. mix the crushed oreos into the melted marshmallows and then transfer it into a greased pan. super simple.


so the verdict: meh.

they’re fine, they taste like an oreo brownie but with a funky texture. i would describe the texture as taffy-like. the texture did loosen up somewhat after a day but not enough to make me want to eat a whole pan. i wonder if the butter and marshmallows were melted on the stove top if it wouldn’t improve the texture since microwaves tend to do weird things to marshmallows. there are so many wonderful things to eat that even with some adjustments i probably won’t make these again.

there you have it, my first fluffy “mommy-blogger” post.