by mraynes


like i said yesterday, i graduated from my domestic violence graduate program last week. it was two years of emotionally and intellectually hard work but it was wonderful. i will miss the bi-annual intensives and spending time with colleagues who are just as passionate about ending violence against women as i am.

because people come in from all over the country–we had representation from Alaska, Hawaii, Virginia and Wisconsin just to name a few–to participate in the program we decided to have an informal graduation ceremony so that those people wouldn’t have to come back when they actually finished their Master’s degree.


of course what began as an informal ceremony soon became something else entirely. we had caps and gowns, the ceremony was held at my church building and mr. mraynes played Pomp and Circumstance as we walked down the aisle, there was a photographer, speeches, a photo slideshow set to this amazing song (seriously, go listen to it, you won’t be sorry) and a reception at the end. it was a little cheesy but still a lot of fun.


i generally like to keep things low key but it was nice to take a moment to celebrate our accomplishment as a graduating cohort.