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like i said yesterday, i graduated from my domestic violence graduate program last week. it was two years of emotionally and intellectually hard work but it was wonderful. i will miss the bi-annual intensives and spending time with colleagues who are just as passionate about ending violence against women as i am. Read the rest of this entry »

graduate intensive

it’s been a crazy week. i had the NACDV conference for the first half of the week and for the next two days i am finishing up my last graduate intensive for my domestic violence program. it is bittersweet to be finishing this program. these intensives are structured over a week where you spend 12 hours a day talking about issues surrounding domestic violence. they call these seminars “intensives” for a reason. nevertheless, i have learned so much from them and have made many lifelong friends. Read the rest of this entry »

presenting at the NACDV conference


it already seems like my presentation was ages ago. as soon as i finished the conference yesterday i came straight home to prepare for my parents and little sister coming into town. they got in around 11:30 and this morning has been a whirlwind of excitement with the kids absolutely thrilled to be with their grandparents and aunt.

but i do want to give a brief account of my presentation just so that i can remember in the future what it felt like to speak at a national conference.

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what’s it about?

since i’ve been posting my thesis thoughts, and this project is consuming almost all of my energy, i thought i would do a little write up of what i am actually writing about.

my career experience as well as the concentration of my graduate program has been in domestic violence. since this is my background it only made sense to pick a thesis topic that also focused on domestic violence. i am specifically interested in and will be researching public policy that was crafted to address the problem of violence against women. Read the rest of this entry »