i can do fluff…or adventures in pinterest

last week was intense–i started it off with the NACDV conference, my parents were here and i finished up my domestic violence graduate program–i really could use a break but my thesis isn’t going to write itself.

regardless, i thought it might be fun to write something a little less serious today. i, like many modern women, love pinterest. for those who don’t know, pinterest is like an online bulletin board–you “pin” pretty pictures, recipes, diy ideas, housecleaning tips, etc. to your board so that you can find them when you need them. you can follow my pinterest board here.

every once in a while i will actually attempt one of my pins and usually these attempts are in the form of food. because i like to know how other people’s pins turn out i thought that i would also document my pinterest attempts.

first up, no bake cookies and cream bars:

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