it matters

by mraynes

mormon children often give little talks in their children’s meeting and it was valkyrie’s turn on sunday. she was assigned to speak on how she can choose the right by living gospel principles. valkyrie wanted to talk about listening to Jesus so i decided we would base her talk around the Mary and Martha story.

here is the text of her talk:

i can choose the right by living gospel principles. one important gospel principle is listening to Jesus. 

a long time ago when Jesus was still alive, there was a woman named Mary who was a disciple of Christ. Mary loved Jesus very much and wanted to learn as much as she could from him. one day Jesus was visiting Mary’s house and Mary was trying to learn more about the gospel. Mary’s sister, Martha, got made at her because Mary was not helping with the house work. doing our chores is very important, it helps our families, but it is even more important to listen and be like Jesus. Jesus told Martha that Mary was choosing the right by listening to him.

i want to be like Mary and always choose the right by listening to Jesus. if i listen to Jesus i can learn how to love everybody, live gospel principles and get back to my Heavenly Parents one day.

in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

when we finished practicing the talk on saturday, valkyrie turned to me and said, “oh mommy, i love this talk! Mary is a girl just like me. i want to be just like Mary!

valkyrie has never expressed an interest or connection to any other scripture story she has heard. no surprise, almost all of those stories are about men.

women’s invisibility in scripture matters. even to 3 year olds.