by mraynes

i want  to clear the air and say i really love my family. a lot. i think they are fantastic and i will probably share more about them here than anybody cares to know. because of this i thought a character list would come in handy. so, without further ado:

mraynes. or meg. i split my time between staying at home and being a graduate student. i am currently working on my master’s thesis which is about mandatory intervention policies for domestic violence offenses. i am 29.

5 favorite things: my family, blogging, crochet, chocolate, alone time

5 unfavorite things: washing dishes, football, mean people, zucchini, math

mr. mraynes
. or brandon. i call him mr. mraynes at the exponent blog so for consistency sake that’s what i’ll call him here. mr. mraynes is an orchestral conductor and a university professor.

5 favorite things: me, classical music, babies,  tennis, bread making

5 unfavorite things: bad moods, condiments, political commentators, replacing the garbage bag after taking out the trash, useless meetings


monster. or george. he got the name because he was a difficult baby/toddler. he’s mostly outgrown that phase and is now super sweet so maybe he should get a new nickname. monster is 5 years old.

5 favorite things: spelling, tennis, asking questions, playing with his sister, going anywhere that isn’t home

5 unfavorite things: any food that isn’t bread, brushing teeth, snakes, not being taken seriously, sleeping in past 5:30 a.m.


valkyrie. or sylvia. she has always been a vocal child as well as strong and independent girl and since both mr. mraynes and i are opera lovers we could think of nothing more fitting to nickname her than after a bunch of singing warrior goddesses. valkyrie will be 4 years old in september.

5 favorite things: milk, sucking her thumb, television, jumping and spiraling, snuggling.

5 unfavorite things: having her hair brushed, going to church, sharing with the baby, vegetables, being corrected


lionheart. or william. he actually roars if you ask him if he is a lion and has done so since he
was 6 months old. lionheart was an unexpected addition to our family but we’re glad he’s here now. he is 18 months old.

5 favorite things: nursing, being naughty, running in the grass, balls, daddy

5 unfavorite things: listening, skipping naps, dogs, diaper changes, bumping his head


so there you go, the mraynes family.

(all the photos in this post were taken by d’arcy benicosa. hire her.)