thesis thoughts

by mraynes

it is the summer of the thesis. i spend my days, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., doing research and writing sections of my master’s thesis. my subject is whether or not mandatory intervention policies for domestic violence (i.e. mandatory arrest, mandatory reporting, mandatory prosecution) are empowering to victims and constitute effective policy. fascinating stuff.

anyway, i’ve been posting “thesis thoughts” on my facebook page for awhile so i thought i might as well post them here as well. of course i’ll add accompanying pictures because that’s the whole point of blogs. i know, you’re excited.

so here we go (i’ll start from the beginning)…

thesis thought #1: reading through trial transcripts of the character assassinations defense attorneys pull on victims of domestic violence and sexual assault is torture. seriously, i would tell you anything if it would stop me having to read this garbage.