Walking Home

by mraynes

I almost forgot to post today. It was a crazy busy day but I made a promise to post every day and a promise is a promise.
I don’t have anything profound to say, also, I’m in the middle of spring cleaning. So instead of a post, I present you with this really cool video. It’s a look into what women go through every time they walk down the street. It constantly surprises me the number of men who feel that it is their right to comment and objectify women’s bodies. And it doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like, if you are a woman you can expect to be cat-called at one time or another. Without fail, every time I go out walking, with my double stroller no less, somebody honks or yells, “hey, baby” out of the window.
If men really knew how this feels, really understood what we have to do in our minds to make this ok, they would never say another disrespectful thing. I think this video does a beautiful job of showing this. I hope you enjoy.