Derby Day Fun!

by mraynes

I hope everyone had a good May Day/Derby Day yesterday?

A good deal of my childhood was spent in Kentucky and across the river in Cincinnati. Derby Day is a huge deal in that part of the country and I remember going to parties every year. Despite no longer living in the Bluegrass State, I like to celebrate Derby Day with my family. Unfortunately, mr. mraynes had concerts all day yesterday so we weren’t able to watch the horse race, make our yearly hot brown sandwhiches or drink mint juleps.

Never one to be deterred from my favorite traditions, we tivod the race and made our traditional Derby Day fare today. Personally, I think everybody should enjoy Derby Day so I’m including my favorite recipes.

Hot Brown Sandwiches: (I know it looks gross in the picture but they are very good!)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these lovelies in the future!