Poor People Ruin Everything: A Drama

by mraynes

A mother and father sit patiently listening to a new pediatrician explaining to them that they should not have been concerned about the liquid exploding from either end of their baby monster for the past three days. The father is having an especially difficult time averting his eyes away from the over sized denim smock, depicting pastel Winnie the Pooh characters, that seems to have swallowed the small, lady pediatrician. Suddenly, the mother realizes that there is a vital question that must be asked…

Mother: Doctor, we are going to the Caribbean at the end of December. Are there any immunizations that the baby monster might need before we leave.

Pediatrician: Oh, no! Don’t worry about that! Just take hand sanitizer and baby monster should be fine. You know, Mr. Pediatrician and myself went to the Caribbean a couple of years ago. It was so difficult because we were on this really nice vacation and we saw so many people living in poverty. Now we go to Hawaii; there are still poor people but at least you don’t have to see them!

Mother and Father look at each other. Stunned silence.

The End.