An Introduction to First Fig

by mraynes

So this is my very first blog. As you can probably see, I created First Fig about a year ago but I spent that year deciding whether I was brave enough to have a blog. (Also I was having a baby but that’s neither here nor there). Now that I have decided to be brave, I thought I would tell you a little bit about myself and my co-contributors.

About mraynes:

I am a Mormon feminist and have proudly claimed that label. I graduated with a degree in history with an emphasis in women’ history and women’s studies. I want more than anything else in the world to go to graduate school but the time is not right so I am supporting my husband through his doctoral program by working at a domestic violence shelter. I am the director of domestic violence services; basically I help women become independent through counseling and providing them with resources. I also facilitate groups both at the shelter and in the community. Recently I became a mother and it has been an amazing experience. Eventually I would like to go back to school and get my doctorate in social policy and social welfare.

About weasie:

Weasie is the middle sister. She is currently a junior at BYU, studying Anthropology. Right now she is preparing to go to Africa in January. She will be doing an internship in Tanzania and hopefully she will be able to give us updates every once and a while.

About rayness:

rayness is the baby of the family; she is the most beautiful and smartest of the three of us. She is a freshman at BYU and studying Political Science. rayness is a constitutional scholar, she can tell you about every Supreme Court decision ever decided. Her life goal is to be a Supreme Court Justice.

Hopefully my sisters will have enough time in their busy schedules to tell you more about themselves, they are amazing! Anyway, we are really excited about this and we hope you enjoy our blog.