we are but seeds of social change


we live in downtown denver in a neighborhood that is traditionally african american. it can be uncomfortable to cross racial lines but it has been so good for our family.

i love that i am constantly being challenged to examine my privilege. i love that i am learning to relate with people that i have not had a lot of opportunity to interact with due to mostly living in predominantly white, suburban areas. i love that my children are surrounded by diversity and won’t grow up believing that the white, middle class experience is the normative experience. and i love that the winds of social justice are just in the ether here.

i took the above picture just blocks from our home painted on the back of an abandoned building. our neighborhood pool has a beautiful mural painted on it celebrating collaboration between all people and specifically calling for unity with the LGBTQ community. monster went to a neighborhood preschool for half the year where they were taught the black national anthem and learned about black historical figure year-round.

it is refreshing to be in a community that doesn’t take their privileges for granted but also is committed to making society better for everybody.