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my candle burns at both ends…

on having it all

when mr. mraynes and i were engaged to be married the plan was that both of us would be in graduate school together and would eventually become university professors. i was a good student, i had excellent recommendations but in trying to find schools that both of us could go to together, none were a perfect match and i was rejected from every program i applied to.

i was crushed. unable to believe that sometimes these things just happen i desperately grasped to the thought that maybe God was directing my life in ways i couldn’t understand. and since i am so very mormon the thing i thought God wanted from me was to have a child. Read the rest of this entry »

thesis thought #6

why is it that the british have a more nuanced view on just about everything? i have read almost a thousand pages of research at this point and the only policy recommendation that makes any sense is put forward by some random brit that was published twelve years ago. apparently not enough people are reading the british journal of criminology.

thesis thought #5

oh susan l. miller, you get the award for snarkiest domestic violence researcher of all time! your descriptions of batterer intervention programs are truly epic.

thesis thought #4

somehow gorecki’s 3rd ¬†symphony is the only musical accompaniment that goes along with my research.

thesis thought #3

there is seriously a rhino in the air ducts above me and it’s making it hard to concentrate on which states have mandatory intervention policies. sigh, going back to read this article a second time.

thesis thought #2

i love when academics get snarky in their writing. case in point: “this anti-feminist stance is strongly supported by men in men’s rights groups, the members of which are typically joined by their second wives.”