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Month: January, 2012

men who hate women

[Content Note: This post discusses all forms of violence against women including sexual and physical violence]

two summers ago mr. mraynes and i listened to the Millennium Trilogy by stieg larsson as we drove to the northwest to visit our families. we generally liked the series, the characters were compelling and the story was interesting enough to keep us awake through the sometimes-boring landscapes. but the violence depicted in these books is overwhelming. there were times when I had to turn the story off and breath because I found myself being triggered by the detailed descriptions of the sexual and physical violence being perpetrated against women. Read the rest of this entry »

girl legos

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it seems the old debate on the virtue of gendering toys has sprung up again. my facebook queue has been overrun with articles,podcastsvideos all decrying the girlie-girl culture we find ourselves a part of. this most recent debate seems to have been sparked by the outrage over a new kind of legos designed and marketed specifically to girls–legos, not in traditional primary colors but in pastels and pink.

protesters fought back with a picture from another legos marketing campaign. this one has a cute redheaded girl holding a magnificent legos creation with the tag line, “What it is is beautiful.” this picture made me catch my breath, it is so reminiscent of my own delightful copper-haired imp. i look at this picture and think yes, this is what i want for my daughter.  Read the rest of this entry »