now i have the power

several days ago i was at a park with my children. there was nothing particularly interesting about this park except for two older boys at one corner play-fighting. i don’t like my children to watch or engage in violent behavior so i tried to keep their attention on the other side of the park. but we kept hearing snippets from their dialogue: ” i have the power.” “ha ha, i just took your power.” “you can’t take it because i’m invincible.” “i have your power, i have your power.” “No. i have THE POWER.”

my daughter, valkyrie, became more and more distracted by their exchange and before i could stop her, marched over to the two boys. valkyrie stared at them intently and then proclaimed, “now i have the Power.” she snatched at the air in front of their faces as if, in this one single gesture, all of their power and the power of the universe would be instantly transferred to her. the look on their faces was priceless because, at least momentarily, my three year old daughter had taken the power. Read the rest of this entry »