the new mormon feminism

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mormon feminism has had a big year.  after being pronounced all but dead, it has been thrilling to see this renaissance take place in such a short period of time. the year started with the rebirth of the feminist literary tradition; the Our Visions, Our Voices tour put on by the mormon women writers was amazing. And, of course, exponent II magazine is back with a bang. then there was the Patheos and UK Guardian articles written by fMh’s reese dixon, proudly proselytizing our cause.

i am not alone in recognizing a groundswell in the movement. the same publication that asked only six years ago where all the Mormon feminists had gone now declares that Mormon feminism is back. one of the most exciting developments has been the creation of the mormon feminist activist organization, Women Advocating for Voice and Equality (WAVE). Read the rest of this entry »