the sarah palin symbol

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This is a sarah palin post…

are you still reading?

lest anyone be confused, this is not a post where i glorify the former vice-presidential candidate. i, like most feminists, can’t stand sarah palin. my politics fall radically to the left of hers and i find her to be hypocritical and ridiculous. most of the time i like to pretend she doesn’t exist and if exposure is absolutely necessary, i prefer it to be in tina fey form. that being said, i do think palin serves a useful purpose. (this is where the revoking of my feminist card comes in.)

there has been a lot of discussion in recent weeks on whether sarah palin can legitimately call herself a feminist. i am not here to rehash those arguments. there is little use in denying, however, that if palin’s political views were incorporated into mainstream feminism they would dramatically change the movement as it exists today. sarah palin is feminism’s kryptonite; this is why many feminists reacted so viscerally when she invoked the term. but where she weakens the secular movement, i think she strengthens the mormon feminist cause. Read the rest of this entry »